''Nailed It''

NSI Nurture Pack

Women are busy these days. We are born multi-taskers, always taking on way more than we probably should, but that is what makes us...well women. But, busy as we are, we will let nothing get in the way of the perfect pedicure - it's like a female ritual that counts as a flat out necessity. Fortunately, some very clever individuals came up with the NSI Nurture Pack - an extremely effective nail care pack that you can use to DIY in no time. Effectiveness and quality means saved time, it's as simple as that. So, without further a due, let me introduce the stars of this show:

1. NSI Airshield
An air activated polish sealent that dries shiny and smudge free! Because it is air activated, it dries as soon as it is applied to the nail! Super easy and super quick - perfect for any busy queen bee who cannot go without this finishing touch.

2. NSI Nurture Oil 
Another product that defies time would be this scientifically enhanced blend of 5 emollients (jojoba, soy, safflower, wheat germ and grape seed oils) and vitamins C and E. This product has quite a few benefits: It prolongs enhancements' durability and flexibility, supplies cuticles with nourishment and lasting softness and aids is skin cell renewal! All that with a touch of Soft Grape Scent. 

3. NSI Endurance Files 
These files might as well come from the future - superior technology in such a simple form. These files last 4 times longer than ordinary files, and because of the varying levels of grit it can be used for all nail services! (Natural nail, gels, wraps, acrylics and pedicures) The straight edge of the file can be used to shape and define sidewalls and the extension edge of an enhancement, while the half-moon edge makes refining the cuticle area easy and comfortable. These files can also be completely disinfected in 10 minutes with total submersion in or sprayed with an EPA hospital grade disinfectant, meeting the highest standards of salon sanitation! Along with all those plus points, I found the files to be extremely efficient and so incredibly easy to use effectively - no more arm cramps after filing only one nail!

4. NSI Lavender Block Buffer
This handy little tool (no pun intended) is quite useful for removing that gross yellow discoloration on our natural nails (you know - that yellow discoloration you get from keeping the same nail polish on for a cazillion months). It also finishes off extensions and smoothens them out (with a nice shiny touch)! This product can also be disinfected (completely) within 10 minutes with total submersion in or sprayed with a Sani-Pure, meeting the highest standards of salon sanitation! This product effectively reduces annoying riffles normally found on the natural nail, and offers a neat touch to your nail routine!

Overall? I would say this set nailed it.