Nail Preparation

With any natural nail products or enhancements, whether it is nailpolish or a full set of tips, the nail preparation is the most important. Proper nail preparation ensures that the products don’t lift and will last longer.

When starting a nail treatment, ask your client to wash her hands in the bathroom, give her a nail brush and a non greasy anti bacterial soap, to ensure all dirt and oil are removed. Make sure all your utensils are clean and sanitised and your hands are clean. This cleaning process eliminates the threat of any fungus coming near the nails. Being a hygienic nail technician is imperative and is non-negotiable when doing nails.

Take a lint- free wipe soaked with NSI Nailpure Plus and wipe the clients nails.This product dehydrates the nails and ensures a dust and oil free surface to work on.

Gently tidy the cuticles. Use a sanitised Cuticle Pusher to push the eponychium back and remove the dead skin cells from the nail bed. Gently cut away any excess cuticle with cuticle nippers. To aid you in this process use the NSI Vanish Cuticle Dissolve to soften and exfoliate the cuticles. The removal of the dead skin cells is important as they are very porous and retain moisture causing the product to lift.

For a basic manicure gently file the nail into the desired shape. For nail enhancements cut the natural nail shorter. File the shortened natural nail using a NSI 180/240 Endurance File. Any other grit will be too harsh on the natural nails. They are used mostly on nail enhancement (acrylic and gel).

Gently remove the shine of the nail using the NSI Lavender Block Buffer. Remove all dust from the nail with a plush dustin again wiping the nails clean with a lint free wipe soaked in NSI Nailpure Plus

If you are doing a manicure, your nails are now ready for painting. For enhancements apply NSI primer. Making sure you do not put any product on the cuticle. Brush on the product at least 1mm away from the cuticle. Allow to Dry. 

You nail prep is now complete.